Other Notable Works

Other Notable Works


Taste On-boarding.

The goal was to reduce the time it takes for users to start getting meaningful recommendations on Spotify. Before this project, it took a few weeks before Spotify felt like a truly personalised experience.

I lead design for the taste on-boarding challenge, which launched in the US in 2016. Most people find it challenging to describe their taste in music. We needed to understand which questions to ask to get the best results. For example, were we trying to understand a users' full taste right away? Or just enough for a good first session? To answer these questions, I built a range of prototypes to find a balance between asking users enough to capture their music taste, but not adding too much friction to the experience. We then followed this up with further quantitative testing at scale to fine tune the experience.


BBC TV Homepages


Back in 2012, I was one of the design leads for the relaunch of the BBC TV homepages. This was a huge achievement and the first fully responsive websites to launch from the BBC.


London 2012 Olympics


This was the first of its kind for the BBC. We delivered 24 live concurrent video streams during the London 2012 Olympics, each stream delivered live stats and scores on the current sporting events. I was involved in the early conceptual stages where myself and a small team of designers worked across detailed user journeys and rapid prototypes. Later in the project, I was involved in prototyping detailed interactions to bring the video player to life.

All in all, while this isn't my most involved project, I'm proud of what myself and the team accomplished with tight deadlines leading up to the Olympics.